The Services We Provide

Cedar Electromak Company offers a comprehensive solution for cleaning and sanitizing your central air conditioning systems. Using our advanced techniques and innovative tools, we focus on removing all deposits and dirt that accumulate within your AC system.

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The services provided by Cedar Electromac include:

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Removing accumulated oils and greases inside kitchen chimneys for homes, restaurants, and hotels.

Cleaning and sterilizing the central air conditioning system

(air ducts).

Do you need to clean the chimney of your kitchen from accumulated oils and grease?

We offer you our distinguished service in removing these deposits.

The kitchen chimney is an essential part of a successful cooking experience, and over time, oils and grease can accumulate inside it, affecting its efficiency and smell. Therefore, it is important to get a cleaning service to keep the kitchen chimney clean and healthy.

At Cedra Electromechanical Company, we provide a kitchen chimney cleaning service by removing accumulated oils and grease, ensuring you get a distinguished and comprehensive cleaning.

Our distinguished and trained team will use advanced techniques and appropriate tools to remove oils and grease with high precision and in a safe manner.

Thanks to our service, you will regain your kitchen chimney’s shiny cleanliness and receive improved performance and a refreshing smell in your kitchen.

We place great emphasis on service quality and customer satisfaction, and we work seriously to provide a distinguished cleaning experience that exceeds your expectations.

Book now the kitchen chimney cleaning service to remove accumulated oils and grease from Cedra Electromechanical Company and enjoy a completely clean and healthy kitchen chimney.


Do you want to keep the air in your home pure and clean? We’re here to make that a reality! We offer exceptional and safe solutions for cleaning and sanitizing your central air conditioning.

Central air conditioning is one of the most important elements of your comfort and health at home, and with the accumulation of dust, impurities, and germs in it, the air you breathe becomes polluted and unhealthy. Therefore, you need an effective solution to get rid of this problem.

cedarelectromak Company provides a comprehensive solution for cleaning and sanitizing your central air conditioning. Using our advanced technology and innovative tools, we work to remove all the deposits and dirt that accumulate in your air conditioning system.

Our team of experts will clean every part of the central air conditioning system with high precision. In addition, we will fully sanitize the system.

What will you get through our services?
Elimination of dirt and deposits
Removal of bacteria and germs
Improvement of air quality
Improvement of air conditioning efficiency and energy consumption

Thanks to our services, you will enjoy a healthy and pure atmosphere in your home.

Order central air conditioning cleaning and sterilization services from cedarelectromak company now and enjoy a healthy and clean environment.



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